We manufacture high quality Wheel Cylinder e Hydraulic drum brake systems. Its function is to exert force onto the shoes so as to bring them into contact with the drum and stop the vehicle with friction.

* Assemblies match what was originally installed on the car
for quality, fit, function and material.

* During design of our assemblies only OE assemblies are used as base reference.

* All manufactured assemblies must pass SAE/JIS/CNS testing before first manufacturing run is made.

* Rubber components manufactured are independently tested and certified by approved labs globally to meet extreme (hi and low) temperatures.

* All aluminum castings are “hard anodized”

* All iron castings are phosphate coated to prevent rust

* All machining done by computer programed CNC machines.

* Before assembly all castings and components are cleaned by automated ultrasonic cleaning machines

* Each assembly is 100% tested before being packaged.